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About Us

The RFG Survey Association Inc. (RFGSA) was the result of the initial collaboration of the American Petroleum Institute (API), National Petroleum Refiners Association member companies and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to determine if the oil industry could develop an industry compliance program to meet the requirements outlined in the Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) for Reformulated (RFG) gasoline.

The RFGSA was formed in August 1994, by its 38 founding member companies (RFG Refiners, importers and blenders). The RFG Survey Association is an independently operated not-for-profit industry trade association (501(c)(6) under U.S. tax code). The Association commenced survey operations in January 1995.

Since inception, the Association has continued to work in conjunction with the Oil Industry and its various trade groups/stakeholders, EPA and state environmental agencies to develop and implement additional programs and services to assist various stakeholders with meeting their regulatory fuel compliance needs. These include compliance programs for the RFG Survey areas expansion, California Oxygenates, Arizona CBG, Ethanol Blending and Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD).

The Association’s organizational structure consists of a Board of Directors; An Executive Committee, responsible for the overall direction of the Association; A President, responsible for all operations and initiatives; The Technical Committee, responsible for review and recommendations on technical issues; and the Finance Committee responsible for fiduciary oversight of the Association.

Since August 1994, Frank C. Lenski has served as the elected President of the Association.