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E15 Sampling and Testing

In the EPA final rule entitled “Regulation To Mitigate the Misfueling of Vehicles and Engines With Gasoline Containing Greater Than Ten Volume Percent Ethanol and Modifications to the Reformulated and Conventional Gasoline Programs” obligated parties are required to conduct a retail survey program to evaluate E15 content and labeling requirements under the regulations. 

The RFG Survey Association (RFGSA) is a not for profit organization, who since 1995, has provided independent, high quality, efficient programs and services to satisfy the fuel compliance requirements of Industry and government.

The Association in conjunction with and on behalf of all obligated parties under these regulations has developed a comprehensive E15 retail survey, sampling and testing program, that will meet all the requirements of the regulations outlined in 40 CFR Part 80 §1502. The proposed program design will focus on E15 blendstock distribution by source terminal, examining both the likely areas of distribution and its surrounding trade area. The Program to be implemented by the Association will be EPA approved and funded jointly by the Oil and Ethanol Industries. The Survey Program must be fully funded and operating prior to the introduction of E15 into commerce. The Association working closely with the obligated parties and EPA will provide assistance in the development of an orderly process for interested program participants to satisfy their E15 survey requirements under the regulations. Register now »