RFGSA independent not-for-profit trade association. Our members and program participants (refiners, producers, importers, blenders, fuel suppliers, and fuel marketers) form a consortium of companies who have chosen an industry compliance option to meet their various Federal and State regulatory fuel compliance requirements.

At the Federal Government level, the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) fuel regulations, issued under the Clean Air Act, are designed to protect the public health and the environment by improving fuel quality and controlling fuel properties. Clean fuels help reduce harmful emissions from a wide variety of motor vehicles, engines and equipment. The programs provide for compliance surveys that are designed to assess compliance with fuel quality and pump labeling requirements. These programs include reformulated gasoline (RFG) program, the ultra-low sulfur diesel program, and the E15 (ethanol blended fuels) program. See the EPA website links below for more information:

At the State Government level, responsible agencies can use fuel compliance surveys as an option to achieve State regulatory requirements for fuels.

The RFGSA provides the fuels industry a number compliance programs to meet their regulatory obligations. For more information or to register for these programs contact

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