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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the RFG Survey Association?

We are an independent not-for-profit trade association. Our members and program participannts (refiners, producers, importers, blenders, fuel suppliers, and fuel marketers) form a consortium of companies who have chosen an industry compliance option to meet their regulatory compliance requirements.

Why are you sampling?

EPA and State Agencies have approved survey plans to allow refiners, importers, blenders and fuel suppliers to meet their required fuel compliance obligations through the Association’s fuel sampling programs. The Association programs are in addition to Federal and State sampling programs.

Are the Association programs approved by EPA or State Environmental Agencies?

Yes. All RFGSA programs have been approved and authorized by their respective environmental authorities.

Does the RFGSA or its contractors work for EPA or State?

No. We are not employed or affiliated with the EPA or any State environmental agency. We are an organization that the Industry utilizes to meet Federal or State environmental requirements for fuel compliance.

How did you pick my station? You recently sampled my location, why are you back?

The regulations require a representative sample of all the stations within the sampling area of interest. The stations are chosen at random. The primary factors that influence the station selection and frequency of selection are market share, station volume and overall market representation.

What identification should the sampler provide before sampling my location?

The independent contractor (IC) should present letters from; (1) the RFG Survey Association; and (2) the respective governmental agency (EPA/state) requesting your participation in the sampling program (Federal/ULSD, AZ, E15/EBF). In addition, he/she will have the Field Origin Report (FOR), which identifies station/product(s) to be sampled and the name of the IC sampling the site. You may request to see the IC driver’s license to verify his/her identity.

Will the IC pay for the fuel sample?

Yes. The contractor will request a receipt showing location address, product and quantity purchased.

I am an unbranded retail outlet, who authorized you to sample my location?

Under the survey plans approved by the Federal or State Environmental agencies, whether or not you and/or your supplier participate directly in the RFGSA programs does not impact your selection for sampling under the programs. The survey plans require a representative sample of all the fuel sold in a specific area. All locations in the specific sampling area are eligible for sampling based on the plan methodology.