RFGSA is an independent not-for-profit trade association. Our program participants (gasoline refiners/importers, ethanol producers/importers, blenders and other obligated parties) form a consortium of companies who have voluntarily chosen an industry compliance option to meet their various Federal and State regulatory fuel compliance requirements.

Regulations - Federal and State
The regulations are designed to protect the public health and the environment by improving fuel quality and controlling fuel properties. Clean fuels help reduce harmful emissions from a wide variety of motor vehicles, engines and equipment. The regulations provide for the option of independent compliance organization designed to assist obligated parties with a voluntarily option to participate in EPA/State approved, independent programs offered by RFGSA.

Fuel Regulatory Streamlining Rule 40 CFR part 1090.1400 — implementation date: January 1, 2021 

The FEDERAL (U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)) – Fuels Regulatory Streamlining Rule will change how fuels compliance is monitored and managed in the United States and its territories. The goals of the regulations are to monitor all types of motor fuels (Gasoline and Diesel) on a nationwide basis; eliminate duplication/unnecessary efforts; harmonize fuel standards; and facilitate program efficiencies to lower overall compliance costs.