Test tubes

Sampling & Testing

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and Camin Cargo Control (CCC) have been contracted by RFGSA for these programs. They will observe; procure and test fuel samples from the various programs in accordance with regulations. The individuals at your site are RFGSA trained, independent contractors (IC’s) or supervisory personnel responsible collecting and shipping the fuel samples back to our laboratories for analysis. None of our IC’s or personnel are employed by nor are they agents of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or any other governmental environmental enforcement organization.

About Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)

SwRI is an independent, nonprofit applied research and development organization based in San Antonio, TX. Since 1952, SwRI has offered extensive petroleum products research services, providing chemical and physical analyses, as well as most standard ASTM international, federal, and industrial testing.

About Camin Cargo Control Inc. (CCC)

Camin Cargo Control, Inc. provides inspection, sampling, inventory control, marine consulting, and laboratory analytical services. Camin Cargo Control conducts business operations worldwide.